5 Loaves and Two Fish

"I offer You, O my Master"

When the multitudes gathered to the Lord Jesus Christ to be taught and healed by them, He had compassion upon them and desired to feed them.

As the little boy offered his small lunch of 5 loaves and 2 fish to Him to feed thousands, we offer to the Lord the little we have, and witness the incredible blessing He grants in return! This is only a small offering, compared to the perfect Sacrifice, our Savior offered on the holy wood of the Cross.

This group of servants are dedicated to help raise funds for HTC. Most of the proceeds of such fundraisers will go toward the Building Project.

$100k Matching Campaign!


HTC is blessed and grateful to announce we have met the goal of our matching campaign!

One of our generous donors has offered to match any funds donated to the Living Stones Building Project up to the amount of $100,000!

A natural end-date for this campaign was selected to be New Year's eve of the Coptic Calendar: September 10, 2020, however

As of Sept, 6, 2020 we have raised $130,491!

We still have some work ahead of us in order to secure our construction loan. We ask for your continued prayers and support.

Kindly make sure your donations must be noted as "Building Project" in the memo area of your check or electronic donation.

Almost There !

Since we are hoping to receive the Construction Permit before the end of this year, the cost of construction would then be the only thing that stands in our way of breaking ground!

Although there are various factors that make it difficult for us to accurately predict how much money we would need to start construction, we have set a conservative goal of $1.0 million.

So far, the fundraisers the 5 & 2 Group has put together include: 2019 Christmas Extravaganza, T-shirt fundraiser, Dog Cafe, putting our Lighthouse Bookstore online, and our latest Mask Fundraiser.

Thanks to God and our generous donors, we are more than half way toward this goal!