5 Loaves and Two Fish Group

"I offer to You, O my Master..."

When the multitudes gathered to the Lord Jesus Christ to be taught and healed by them, He had compassion upon them and desired to feed them. 

As the little boy offered his small lunch of 5 loaves and 2 fish to Him to feed thousands, we offer to the Lord the little we have, and witness the incredible blessing He grants in return! This is only a small offering, compared to the perfect Sacrifice, our Savior offered on the holy wood of the Cross.

This group of servants are dedicated to help raise funds for HTC. For now, most of the proceeds of such fundraisers will go toward the Building Project.

Help HTC find New Donors

Extend the blessing of giving to new donors by sharing this sponsorship letter with any company, local business/business owners, or benefactor you think may be interested!