Being a part of the Church means that you are involved in some way to bring everyone perfect in Christ Jesus (Colossians 1:28). We have formed several committees to match the core values at HTC. Each committee may have several groups to help meet the growing needs of the service. A detailed summary of each subgroup of these four main committees are listed below. If you are interested in helping in any of these services, please contact us at


Bethlehem group

Prepares Holy Bread for Divine Liturgies. Also organizes workshops to teach those interested in joining.

 St. Stephen Deacons Group & St. Thecla Ecclesiastical choir  

Educating and Organizing Deacons and Choir girls. This includes preparing them for consecration, and coordinating hymns classes.

Colossians 3:16 Choir

Prepare and lead spiritual songs for special events. 

St. Peter Altar Service

 Maintenance of supplies for Liturgical services and  arranging for special events. Helps in beautification of the Altar & Church services (icons, vessels, vestments, furniture, etc.)


Children & Youth Ministry

Create and manage high quality, professional programs that make children & youth excited to come to church on Sundays. Includes Sunday School, youth meetings, Bible Studies, Spiritual Days, and Retreats, Vacation Bible School, etc.  

Adult/Family Ministry 

Includes TABOR  Meeting (Transforming and Building Oneness with the Redeemer); Family Retreats; small groups for Men and Women; Orthodoxy 101 and Marriage 101 classes.

Washing Feet Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to equip and educate both adults and youth for entrance into the service at any level. 


Koinonia Group

This is our welcome committee to help greet newcomers and assist in the explanation of Church services. This committe is also responsible for preparing and distributing educational material, updating the Church database, reaching out to members both old and new, and organizing special events for the church Family.

Matthew 25 Group

Arranges various community service projects throughout Chino Valley. 



 Board of Deacons

Arranges financial aspects of the Church service. 

Nehemiah Building Group

Facilitating the design and construction of new buildings on the new property. 

Josiah Restoration Group

Maintaining, cleaning, and renovating the existing Church.

 Tech Support Group

Relay important information about HTC events via website, email, newsletters, Facebook, Google Calendar, YouTube,  etc.  

Mary & Martha Service

Offers meals and services for needy families, such as the elderly, sick, and those who are grieving. 

Hospitality Team

Coordinates food and beverage services for weekly and special events. Also helps maintain inventory of supplies.

5 & 2 Fundraising Group 

As the little boy offered his small lunch to the Lord to feed thousands, we offer to the Lord the little we have, and witness the incredible blessing He grants in return! This is only a small offering, compared to the perfect Sacrifice our Savior offered on the Holy Cross.